Thermaflex® Pro Series Commercial Flexible Duct Features Longest Warranty in Industry

Thermaflex® has improved the best-selling commercial flexible duct line in the world with a variety of product enhancements and the industry’s longest warranty.

The Thermaflex Pro Series line features six products, three insulated and three non-insulated, that cover virtually all commercial flexible duct applications. Insulated products include M-KC, M-KE, and G-KM, and non-insulated offerings include S-TL, S-LD, and S-LP-10.

Pro Series flexible ducts feature heavier coated wire that won’t corrode or weaken, components that are self-extinguishing and won’t support flame, and tough vapor barrier construction. All-new insulation provides superior heat transfer properties, along with new IAQ advantages. Thermaflex insulation will not support mold or bacterial growth.

“These are significant improvements to the industry’s favorite commercial flexible duct,” said James Lollis, Sales Manager for Thermaflex. “We believe we have enhanced our product so that it provides better performance and is easier for contractors to use.”

All Pro Series products are backed by an exclusive 10-year Pro Warranty, the longest in the industry. The Pro Warranty covers Pro Series flexible ducts against manufacturing defects, and will pay for product, labor, and materials should a problem ever occur.

To learn more about Thermaflex Pro Series flexible duct, call 1-800-459-4822.