Flex-Vent R-KD Flexible Duct

Insulated Duct

Insulated for outdoor heating and cooling in low/medium pressure system, the R-KD is ideal for add-on mobile home remote air conditioning and for connecting doublewide units. It’s also popular in modular building systems. Perfect for handling misalignment between systems components (can be easily redirected around obstacles, unlike costly stainless steel ducts).

R-KD Specs

Diameter 6-14 inches ID
Pressure Rating (WG)
Positive 6 inches (6˝-14˝ ID)
Negative 1/2 inch (6˝-12˝ ID)
Velocity 5000 FPM
Temp. Range -20°F – 250°F cont.
R-Value R-4.2, R-6.0, R-8.0
GREENGUARD Certifications GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified
GREENGUARD Children and Schools Certified