Thermaflex® S-LD Air Connector

Advantages of S-LD Air Connector

  • Reduced total installed cost-fast economical installation.
  • Superior insulation and thermal performance.
  • Easily shaped to fit oval inlets and fittings.
  • All components are self-extinguishing and will not support flame.
  • Underwriters Laboratories UL181 listed and complies with NFPA Standards 90A and 90B.
  • Complies with most state and federal standards or codes.
  • Unique construction will not unravel when cut.
  • Suitable for air venting and drying applications.

S-LD Specs

Diameter 3-14 inches ID
Pressure Rating (WG)
Positive 10 inches (3˝-14˝ ID)
Negative 1 inch (3˝-14˝ ID)
Velocity 5000 FPM
Temp. Range -20°F – 250°F cont.