Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

What You Need to Know About IAQ

An outbreak of mold is a nightmare for any home or business owner. Mold is triggered by a combination of high humidity and temperatures from 40 to 100 degrees. As more and more media attention is given to the problem of mold, home and business owners are seeking ways to address the issue. Mold growth is often attributable to heavy rainfall or plumbing leaks. But many fail to realize that mold growth can also be fostered by an inefficient, poorly designed or inappropriately installed HVAC system. However, mold has nowhere to grow in antimicrobial flexible ducting from Thermaflex®.

“Thermaflex has been the professional’s choice of flexible duct for 50 years,” says James Lollis, National Sales Manager of Flexible Technologies Inc. “Our Pro Series” line has new insulation, better Indoor Air Quality properties and improved air flow. Pro Series from Thermaflex provides the architect, builder and owner with HVAC products that offer an unparalleled level of protection and peace of mind.”